Central Lab a CRH Company

About us

High-tech laboratory established to provide substantive support and research facilities to cement plants belonging to the CRH Group all over the world.

Our mission

It is extremely important for us to provide good professional practice, maintain a high level of quality of work and services as well as ensure the credibility, usability and reliability of our research results. We constantly conduct activities aimed at improving the organization of work and raising the technical competence of the laboratory personnel. Thanks to the use of the most modern measuring and research equipment, we can do our work accurately and at the highest level. We guarantee the protection of confidential information of our Customers thanks to which we enjoy a continuous increase of trust and satisfaction from the level and scope of services we provide. From the outset, we have put a special emphasis on building and maintaining the position of a reliable, professional and customer-friendly laboratory.

There are three closely cooperating departments in the structure of CRH Lab:

  • Chemistry Laboratory
  • Mineralogical Laboratory
  • Physical Laboratory